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The purchase of goods and or services from Highlands IT Support is subject to the terms and conditions detailed below. Purchasing or receiving goods or services from Highlands IT Support, means you have accepted the terms and conditions:




Highlands IT Support” means Highlands IT Support, selling products to the Customer as identified in a Highlands IT Support quotation or Invoice.


Customer” means the person or legal entity identified in a Highlands IT Support quotation or Invoice.


Agreement” means an agreement for sale by Highlands IT Support to the customer regarding the products and/or services incorporating the Terms and Conditions.




·    A verbal quote given by Highlands IT Support is intended as a guide based on the information, limited or comprehensive, given by a customer. A verbal quote is an estimate of the price, and is not an assurance that the product or service will be sold at that price. All possible price options will be discussed based on best and worst possible cases prior to arrival at a site and will be based on the information provided by the customer.


·      A written quote provided by Highlands IT Support is a guarantee of the price of the product or service. Any written quote is valid for a period of 10 days.




·       A 10 day warranty is offered by Highlands IT Support on all computer repair services, however if any subsequent fault occurs, and is deemed to be a result of miss-use or error by the user, the fault will not be covered by this warranty. Whether an issue has not been correctly resolved, or has appeared as a result of that noted in the above, will be determined by Highlands IT Support.


·      Highlands IT Support offers a 12 month warranty on any new Highlands IT Support branded hardware sold, and a 3 month onsite labour warranty. Manufacturers warranty applies to third party branded products.


 ·     Highlands IT Support offers a 3 month warranty on all second hand (i.e. used)        hardware sold, and a 3 month onsite labour warranty.


·      Onsite labour after a warranty period will be charged at the variable rate as displayed under the Prices tab on Highlands IT Support web site. In shop, i.e. my workshop, labour will be charged at the fixed rate as displayed under the Prices tab on Highlands IT Support web site.

·      If Highlands IT Support is called out to premises for a warranty call, and it is deemed that the fault is not related to that particular piece of hardware, the customer will be charged the appropriate rate for that particular issue.




·      Highlands IT Support will in no way be liable to the customer or any third party for any accidental, consequential or indirect damages resulting from the provision of the service. This includes but is not limited to:


·       Damage to hardware

·       Corruption or damage to software

·       Data loss or data corruption

·         Any damages related to interruption of business services, downtime, and    loss of profit or damage to goodwill.




·      Payment to Highlands IT Support for goods and/or services must be made by cash, cheque or direct deposit. Payment may be made directly on completion of work, or at the time indicated by Highlands IT Support. No credit terms are provided without prior approval from Highlands IT Support.


·      Prices for services provided by Highlands IT Support will vary depending on the issue, and the location of the service (See Prices tab).


·      All goods supplied by Highlands IT Support are listed on the Invoice and charged separately from the services.


·      All onsite visits, and in shop work by Highlands IT Support are chargeable unless a solution to a customer's problem cannot be provided, or the problem cannot be diagnosed.


·      Price for goods and services may be varied by Highlands IT Support without giving notice to the customer. A reason for that occurrence will be provided at the time.


·      Services provided by Highlands IT Support are charged at an hourly rate (See Prices tab) and a minimum charge of 1 hours labour applies.


Software Copyright


·      Highlands IT Support will not be responsible to the Customer, or any third party, for any breach of any software licence in respect of software provided to Highlands IT Support by the Customer, or a third party, and subsequently installed on a Customer's computer. That applies also to other files such as music, image, video or data of any kind.


·     Should the Customer warrant that a software licence code or serial is valid the Customer in turn indemnifies Highlands IT Support against any loss, damage, costs, harm or other expense whatsoever arising either directly or indirectly as a result of

Highlands IT Support installing software at the request of the Customer.


Same day servicing


·     Servicing is scheduled by negotiation between Highlands IT Support and the   Customer. Same day may not be possible but is suggested at the time.



No Solution - No Fee


·      No charge will apply to a customer if Highlands IT Support is unable to diagnose the cause of any software or computer hardware problem, or suggest a reasonable resolution to the problem. Such a solution may involve the Customers need to purchase additional hardware or software. Highlands IT Support will, at its sole discretion, decide whether a service will be provided free of charge.


·      A service charge will apply where a Customer chooses not to proceed with a recommendation provided by Highlands IT Support.


Failure To Collect


·    No responsibility will be accepted by Highlands IT Support for goods left uncollected for longer than 90 days from the date indicated by writing or telephone, that the goods are available for collection. Service repairs or other goods that remains uncollected

after that elapsed time may be disposed of in accordance with consumer law to recoup any loss incurred. A customer will be notified of intent.